We are crazy about Terrazzo

Posted on: 10-May-2019 11:05:14

Terrazzo is being increasingly noticed for its alluring design potential both indoors and outdoors, as the intricate detail of the marble chips creates an exceptional, modern look.

Best Bricks & Pavers (‘Best’) has been producing Terrazzo since 1997, and the popularity of this unique material has surged recently and been featured on reality program The Block, seen in chic homeware designs and is being used for both residential and commercial spaces.

Terrazzo is said to have been developed approximately 600 years ago in Venice, Italy when quarry workers would take marble offcuts home to create their own floors by setting the offcuts into a sand and cement mortar. Many years later, Best produces their Terrazzo tiles here, locally in South Australia.

Top four reasons to love Terrazzo 

1. Appearance

The first is its unique appearance. As Terrazzo is made with the highest quality marble, granite and other materials giving it a superior finish.

2. Custom choices

Best produces their own Terrazzo, and customers may choose almost any design and colour for a tile project. Best has pre-designed colours to choose from or can help customers fulfil their dream design with a custom colour*.

3. Durability

Terrazzo is incredibly durable, in fact one of the most long-lasting tiling materials on the market. Due to its durability, Terrazzo is a great choice for modern living.

4. Choice of finishes

Best produces Terrazzo in two finishes, Honed and Black Series. Honed Terrazzo is ideal for those looking for the ultimate polished look. Best also offers Black Series which has a slightly textured finish.

Best’s Terrazzo was chosen in collaboration with the designers of the new Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and the UniSA Health and Innovation Building with durability and style in mind. Contact us today.


*Minimum quantities apply


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