The Beauty of Sustainable Pavers

Posted on: 24-Aug-2018 13:31:18

To find the first documented use of natural pavers, we would need to travel back almost 5,000 years to ancient Egypt, where the oldest paved road in the world can be found . This paved road actually helped facilitate the building of the pyramids. Paved roads then remained few and far between until the Romans started to place pavers down on their roads to literally stop their armies from getting stuck in the mud. At this time, pavers were made from natural stone with no added chemicals. As pavers moved away from natural stone to being made of clay or cement, the process became less sustainable as more water and heat are used in the process as well as varying chemicals.

It was likely the chemicals were added with good intentions, such as creating a longer lasting paver or one that was cheaper and therefore more accessible to the public. It was also likely that the chemicals were added before the harm they could cause was fully understood. It was also impossible to create these pavers without water as it facilitates critical parts of the production process. However, with today’s advanced technology it is possible to create a paver with incredible strength at low cost using only natural ingredients and limiting the amount of resources used.

What makes Best’s products sustainable?

Best Bricks & Pavers has invested heavily in their production process to reduce the amount of materials used and to increase the sustainability of the bricks and pavers they create. 

Best use all-natural ingredients (no chemicals) sourced in Australia to create the optimal range of pavers. The ingredient mix has been formulated using a mix of aggregates, including granite, limestone and marble dust. The various combinations are combined with iron oxides to create the extensive colour range available.

Best’s pavers are cured which is a critical part of the Best production process. For Best’s concrete products to gain maximum strength and durability it must have sufficient water for the hydration of the cement and a temperature conducive to maintain the chemical reaction at a continuous rate.

Best’s products are dried by a mist-curing process. At computer-controlled intervals, the products are subjected to fine sprays of water (sourced from Best’s recycling plant) which not only cures the product to ensure a strong, quality result that will endure in-situ; it also ensures the drying process is successful with less wasteful rejects.

Best heavily invest in recycling, especially when it comes to the water used in the production process. Any excess water is recaptured and used in the production process again. This cuts down the cost, making the same, high quality pavers cheaper than the competition, as well as benefitting the environment as less water is used.

When looking at purchasing pavers for your next project, ensure they are produced sustainably from natural materials. Not only do they add chic to your paved areas, they help the environment too.

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