Finishing off a pool with concrete pavers

Posted on: 24-Aug-2018 13:41:12

When you first walk into a backyard a pool is often the first thing to catch your eye. Though, is it the pool catching your eye, or the beautiful way that it has been set in its surroundings? It is more likely to be the latter, as a pool that is finished well can add ‘waves’ of value to a home compared to a hole in the ground filled with water.

So, what is the best way to finish your pool to add value to your home?

It has been proven time and time again that concrete pavers can boost the value of your home. The large range of styles and colours leads to endless possibilities that can suit any pool, garden or home. They are also easier to repair, maintain and replace if needed when compared to in-situ concrete and wooden decking. They can also be removed easily and replaced if there is any underground work that needs to be done, such as plumbing or electrical.
Selecting the best paver

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when selecting a paver for your pool surrounds, it can be a tough decision. Most importantly, the paver you choose needs to be rated to a high level of slip resistance. Another paver may be cheaper, however, what price can you put on the health of your children, guests and yourself?

Large Format pavers are all the rage at the moment, especially when it comes to pool surrounds, however, do not discount the design flair that adding in traditional sized pavers will bring. Different sized pavers can add contrast or even form a border around the pool or garden beds, which can drastically improve the look and feel or your backyard when used in a contrasting colour.

The type of paver used as coping to your pool is also an important decision. Using regular pavers as a coping will look cheap and may have rough edges due to the texture. Sharp edges could potentially be formed from standard paver cutting tools, which is not ideal when people will be moving against these edges. Instead, look for a pool coping that is professionally made with smooth edging. Best Bricks & Pavers can create two differing types of pool copings, bullnose and flat edge. They can be formed on any number of edges of the paver, allowing you to use the copings in a range of situations.

It is also essential to ensure your new pavers are manufactured with an anti-salt additive to help reduce unsightly stains from efflorescence. Maintaining a clean pool requires the addition of many different salts, which can cause white stains on your pavers – so refer to the maintenance and cleaning guide for assistance.

For inspiration and guidance on how to best pave your pool surrounds, visit the Best Bricks & Pavers Showroom.


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